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*2% of profits from services and 10% of profits from retail during Januray & February will go to this organization.  If you are moved to do so, please help even more*

January 1st - February 28th

For January and February, our focus will be on women. More specifically, young women of color.  I mean, 2017 was a year where women of all shapes and colors were just kicking major a$$ all over the place so, let's just keep that going, right?  Have you ever heard of Oasis For Girls?  Well, I hadn't, either.  Oasis For Girls partners with young women of color aged 14-18 from under-resourced communities in San Francisco to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and confidence to discover their dreams and build strong futures, redefining their communities in their wake. Power to the girls, everyone!  Let's give these young ladies some super power skills so they can grow up and help take our nation in the right direction.


   From their website: 

Oasis’ signature Springboard Series for Girls is a

sequence of three programs emphasizing

comprehensive girls’ development, internal

awareness, and external skills in a gender-specific and culturally-relevant setting.

The Series encourages girls to stretch their perspective and skills while drawing on their own diverse experiences through the creative arts, women’s rights and life skills, and career and academic exploration. Our programs provide girls with opportunities to create trusting relationships with positive, supportive adults; to develop a sense of identity and partnership with each other and the San Francisco community; and build skills and knowledge for their future dreams.

RISE Life Skills Program: “The Personal is Political” 

RISE builds girls’ proficiency in basic life skills, healthy decision-making, leadership, and knowledge of social systems. Women’s rights and social justice are central to RISE, taking on more urgency for girls in the last year. Workshops on healthy relationships, sexual harassment, body image, safer sex, self-defense, and nutrition support girls’ needs and learning.

CREATE Arts Education Program: “My City, My Voice”

CREATE exposes girls to using writing and the arts for healthy self-expression, improved academic performance, and leadership. CREATE encourages girls to think critically about growing up as young women of color in the city, viewing their neighborhoods and experiences through lenses of gender, race, and inequality. Lessons take creative approaches to issues such as body image, cultural identity, and activism, which girls explore through poetry, spoken word performance, photography, comic book illustration and music. CREATE is offered through an innovative collaboration with WritersCorps.

ENVISION Career Exploration Program: “Leading the Future, Now”

ENVISION expands girls’ career awareness and job readiness skills while supporting them in developing achievable plans for academic and career success. Lessons focus on women’s experience in academia and the workplace as well as financial literacy training, post-secondary planning support, and exposure to a diverse array of career options through workshops and job site visits to local businesses. Program curriculum contextualizes issues like gender-based discrimination, equal pay, sexual harassment, and self-care, while helping girls prioritize their needs and interests for self-defined success.