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*2% of profits from services and 10% of profits from retail during September & October will go to this organization.  If you are moved to do so, please help even more*

September 1st - October 31st

For September/October we will be focusing on our trans community here in SF. Have you heard of the Trans Employment Program? Launched in 2007 as TEEI (Transgender Economic Empowerment Initiative), the Trans Employment Program is the first city funded program to help transgender and GNC (gender non-conforming) people get back to work and address the economic barriers facing the community. Since the program started, it has connected community members with thousands of jobs in diverse, equal, and rewarding workplaces. Amazing work. Happy to support this organization!


        From their website:

The Trans Employment Program, a program of the SF LGBT Community Center, helps transgender and gender non-conforming people in the San Francisco/ Bay Area find and keep stable jobs in safe workplaces.

The Trans Employment Program was created in 2007 as a collaboration between the SF LGBT Center, the Transgender Law Center, and the City of San Francisco. It is the nation’s first city funded program to provide employment and economic development support for transgender and GNC people.

Since its beginning, the program has connected the community to thousands of jobs in the Bay Area and worked with hundreds of employers to create more inclusive workplaces.  

Today, the Trans Employment Program has provided technical assistance and shared our model with communities, organizations, and conferences throughout the country. TEEI continues to be focused on serving the Bay Area, while simultaneously being committed to supporting economic and social justice for transgender and GNC people throughout the country and internationally.