After being in the hair industry for over 20 years now I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most creative, talented and funky hair stlyists in the city at some of the best salons in San Francisco.  I’ve had great stints at Oxenrose, Acabello and Glama-rama.  I opened up my own space, Gräsplan, in 2010.

Gräsplan is a salon that reflects the personal values that I adhere to on a regular basis, with services and products that are considerably less toxic, more eco-friendly and health conscious for the stylists, clients and the environment.  I take great care in making sure the products I use are vegan & cruelty free - we love the animals and don’t believe in animal testing.


Being a hairstylist is creative, relaxing, therapeutic, social and most of all..... fun!  (and a lot of the time, funny - you clients can crack me up to tears! ) I can go home at the end of the day, stress free and relaxed and that is something I truly treasure.   


-Elise Stengle

P.S. it means 'green' in Swedish. Not actually the color green per say, but a ‘bowling green’ or green yard/space in particular that is meant for sports of that type.  No, I'm not Swedish and I don’t lawn bowl but I liked the way it sounded.  Plus, the Swedes continue to be leaders in renewable clean energy!