3150 18th Street

Suite #212

San Francisco, CA 94110



I work in the ActivSpace building which is located on the corner of Treat (between Folsom and Harrison) and 18th Street in the Mission.  See picture!

Street Parking -


There is a lot of unrestricted (also 1 and 2 hour) parking in this neighborhood, but parking can be very difficult and frustrating during the day. Be sure to pay attention to parking restrictions/street cleaning signs so your hair appointment doesn’t end up costing you 3x as much as it should!  Please allow plenty of time to park and be ready to walk a few blocks if need be.  This is a busy area on the weekdays, but in the evenings and on weekends it tends to clear out a little bit. 

Pay lot at 17th and Shotwell (on the other side of the new park):

$5 per hour 

Other pay garages within a 10 minute walk:

16th & Hoff near the 16th Street BART station, #415.861.4048

Rates: $3.50 an hour

Mission/Bartlett Garage, 3255 21st Street, #415.821.6715

Rates: $4.50 an hour, $15 flat rate for all day

*A note about garages - I have not personally parked at either of these locations and am using information from the internet.  They may be unattended or full.  If you have time to plan ahead, I suggest calling for further info instead of depending on them to be available.*

To enter the secure building, you must use the intercom box  located at 100 Treat (about half way down the block on Treat between 18th & 17th) Search for 'Grasplan' or dial my suite #212 and I can buzz you in. Once inside, follow the little hallway around to the staircase (door just past the elevator) and come up to the 2nd floor. There will be signs directing you to the suite #’s - all you gotta do is follow ‘em!

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