Gräsplan:  better for you and the planet

Gräsplan is a hair salon that combines 20+ years of experience and artful creativity with services and products that are considerably less toxic, more eco-friendly and health conscious for the stylists, clients and the environment.  We can give you a classic stylish haircut or shave half your head and color it pink in a more mindful manner.  

We love to learn and share knowledge:

Are you curious about those unrecognizable ingredients in your hair products or what affect they might have on your health and the environment?  If we can't answer your questions, we can direct you to resources that will help you find out.  Environmental Working Group has a database called skindeep where you can search for toxicity info on thousands of products and ingredients. Are you more of an app person?  Pop over to the app store on your device and download ‘EWG Healthy Living’ or ‘Think Dirty’.  You can scan barcodes and check your products right on the spot!  

We are determined to make a smaller impact on the earth: 

We recycle, reuse and compost - your hair is compostable, my friends!  The companies where we purchase our products, host our website, do our banking...etc. are all eco-conscious as well. They do things like use renewable and clean energy, give back to communities and the environment and they strive to be sustainable businesses, just like us!!  

A word on ‘Organic’:

We all love to throw around the word ‘organic’.  What does that really mean when it comes to hair color or the hair industry in general?  To me, not much. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of green washing going on in our world today.  I’m not crushing up berries and plants from my backyard and using that to color your hair, folks.  What I *am* doing is using the least toxic professional color lines and hair products that are currently available.  Chemistry is constantly changing and I am doing my best to keep appraised on the newest, best & least toxic products out there.  Believe me, I’ve tried a lot of ‘em.  I stick with the lines I like, made by companies who have similar mindsets and ethics as me.  I have met some of the people that own these companies and we have had in depth conversations about the industry and what the terms ‘clean, organic, eco-friendly’ mean. It’s been a wonderful and refreshing change to find like minded stylists and producers in this industry that care about their health, the health of their clients and the health of the planet, too. 

We designed our space with green in mind: 

We chose refurbished and second hand salon equipment and other accents that were found locally.  (Thank you, Craigslist).  Other things needed for the salon were chosen carefully with green in mind.  The paint on the walls is non-toxic, non-off gassing and voc-free.   


We give back: 

2% of profits from services and 10% of profits from retail sales are donated to either local or global non-profits or organizations that are doing what they can to make a difference.  Check our 'Monthly Cause' link to see where the money is going each month and all of our past causes, dating back to July of 2010.